Linda Kastiel Kozlowski

Stay at Home Mom's



Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the job of motherhood and wonder, "Is it me?"

The Stay-at-Home Moms Survival Guide systematically dismantles the job of motherhood and delivers reassurance that -



Every other job in the world comes with the basics in tow... training, supplies, staff, peers, breaks, acknowledgment and on yes, pay! Moms are given none of these tools, and are left forage on their own. It's no wonder the job of being a mom can sometimes put, even the best among us, over the edge.

This guide looks at each of these obstacles which moms face head-on, providing guidance from the experts to be sure, but also tips from the "experts next door." These are the moms who actually live the advice they share, and know firsthand what you're facing. It's packed with humor, fresh ideas, and resources you can test-drive right away.

Aren't there enough books about how to care for the baby, rejuvenate your marriage and cook healthy meals? It's about time for a book that focuses on the needs of the mom, the ultimate caregiver.

This guide will comfort you with the practical solutions of a close friend and embolden you with the attitude of a Fortune 100 CEO. Pick up your set of tools and turn the liabilities into assets, in the business of motherhood!

How do YOU deal with ... NO BREAK?

  • It's time to acknowledge . . . it really IS the toughest job in the world!
  • At all costs, avoid martyrdom!
  • Learn how to tell mommy burnout from clinical depression.
  • Learn easy ways to make a break happen, and develop a fool-proof plan to get out on your own!
  • Or....What to do when you simply can't leave the house!
  • Why not give the whole family a break?
  • Get some great ideas on what to DO on your break!


  • What is the value of motherhood? (We'll tell you!)
  • What to do when the bottom line makes it "not about the money"!
  • Hear a working mom’s perspective and that of a stay-at-home mom.
  • We'll help you find a way to make it work!
  • Learn how to deal with every mom’s self-worth struggle.
  • Enjoy tons of fun ideas for "pay" and some jokes to cheer you on!

How about the TRAINING (that doesn't exist)?

  • do have some training (we'll fill you in!).
  • Get some great resources to seek out more information.
  • Learn how to listen to your inner voice.
  • We'll provide idea starters on how to put together your own "training"

How do you handle having NO STAFF?

  • Great ideas on how to "staff up!"
  • How to make a game out of chores.
  • Explore hidden resources like your library and even the Internet!
  • Let nature entertain you!
  • How to embrace "down time".

Or feeling you have NO PEERS?

  • First of all ... yes, you do have peers!
  • How to form your own peer group.
  • Find a "moms group" near you!
  • Get support from your own "virtual" peer group.
  • Put together a plan, and have fun!

What about the lack of SUPPLIES?

  • We'll give you great, and unexpected, ideas for supplies:
    • Binders, family menu, grocery inventory and an emergency kit
    • Reading pile, bins, dollar stores and cheat sheets
  • Why self-sufficiency is a beautiful thing!
  • Come up with your personalize "supplies” plan
  • Laugh a bit at the lighter side of "No Supplies"

Or worse of all ... NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT?

  • Ideas on how to ask for it!
  • How to really "see it" when it's there!
  • Try out a "Thankful Tree" to encourage appreciation.
  • What goes around....comes around. Acknowledging those around YOU!
  • Take ownership of your personal “Acknowledgement” Plan

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